What are the prime considerations which you evaluate while doing some garment shopping? Fabric quality, colour, design, fit and in your mind, you think about pairing options! Clothing is not meant to only sit on our bodies; it has a function to perform! It speaks about your personality and conveys your sense of style while providing coverage from environmental elements. The aesthetic of garments lies in creating something friendly to the end user, and this is what we aim at https://rmgreps.com/ .

Authentic & Superior

The foundation of our business relies on the quality that we offer. Our fabric is soft – to – touch and reflects the casual and formal sensibility along with luxury feel which is an epitome of modern lifestyle. We combine design and quality to create garments which serve all age groups. We supply everything from fibres to garments to fashion brands, wholesalers and large & middle-scaled retailers. We are garments buying and trading house working independently with various suppliers.

Unmatchable quality

With our creative energy and in-house knitting, dyeing and sewing facilities, we continue to create an environment where the customer comes 1st, quality is given, and there is no superfluous production! Every garment is made on purpose to build a cost-effective base. Our focus is always over quality, and this is the reason that unlike other garments which lose their texture after first wash and dry, our garments retain the shape, bold hues, fit and resiliency! It remains soft and supple for all future wears even after multiple washes.

A good product can last forever

We have a team of dedicated individuals, manufacturers, designers and supervisors who leave no stone unturned in capitalizing on great achievements. We trust that a good product can last forever, and thus we strive to create a product that is right quality at the right price! We don’t believe in following industry trends. Instead, we work towards providing a product which is exceptional when it comes to quality, design and material. We are selling a lifestyle, and your requirement helps us in shaping it.

A vast range of products

The fabrics and garments that we supply are not only comfortable but also sustainable. They are created in Bangladesh with internationally accepted standards. From denim wear to shirts, t-shirts and woollens, we offer a vast variety of products which look and feel great! We work tirelessly to make products that never let you down. You can wear them with confidence for various occasions as they will support you with comfort, style and softness.

Online digital solutions

We have spread our roots in a digital marketing company which is named as onlinereps.net. We help our clients in blooming their businesses by understanding the business needs and market conditions. With over five years of experience, we curate innovative solutions which create a buzz among the consumers.

We are one stop place for all your needs relating to garments and provide a platform to boost your sales with our SEO marketing and consultancy services.